Sunday, October 26, 2014

Agile Adoption Roadmap blog - over 500,000 views!

The “Agile Adoption Roadmap” Blog has just topped 500,000 visits on December 31, 2020*.  This is a great milestone and it makes me happy that there are so many professionals curious about Agile including many Agile enthusiasts, advocates, champions, coaches who are visiting and even commenting on my articles.  It highlights that the many articles have value.  If you want to receive its value, consider following this blog at: 

To add to the statistics, I have folks from 55 different countries that have visited my site.  The top 10 countries include: United States, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Ukraine, and Sweden. Other countries that have significantly visited my site are: China, Poland, Spain, Finland, South Africa, Iran, Norway, Iraq, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Israel, Malaysia, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Taiwan, Algeria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Italy.
The Agile Adoption Roadmap blog provides the reader with a range of topics related to adopting Agile within their teams and organizations.  The content has a special emphasis on “being Agile” and bringing the Agile mindset to your work.   I have written and posted 100 articles to date.   What are some of the top articles that Agile, IT, and Business Professionals have found of value?  The top articles include:
Next time you are looking for Agile material to support you Agile Journey or you are looking to learn what it means to “be Agile”, look no further.  Consider reading the articles and following the blog.   Thank you!

I reached 200,000 hits on June 23, 2016 and I reached 100,000 on October 26, 2014 so this is good progress.  

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