Monday, March 2, 2020

"How often do I touch my face?" Observation Game

It's time to play the "How often do I touch my face?" observation game. Stand (or sit) still for 10 minutes. Count how many times you touch your own nose, mouth, or eyes in 10 minutes. Why play the game? It can be more important than you think. 
Scientists believe that COVID-19 mainly spreads through droplets when a person sneezes. When those droplets land on surfaces or objects, and a person touches those objects and then touches their own nose, mouth or eyes, you could catch it.
Many studies have shown that people touch their face (e.g., nose, mouth, and eyes) much more frequently than they think. An article entitled "How often do people touch their face - and how is this related to Coronavirus?" shares many studies on surprisingly how often we touch our face. Studies are on thing. More importantly is for you to be aware of how much you touch your own nose, mouth or eyes through this game. You'll be surprised.
The best way to play it is to record yourself sitting or standing for 10 minutes. Then review the recording and observe how many times you touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. Generally, this game is a good way to become aware of how often you touch your face. It can make you aware of your face touching habits to improve your hand movements for public speaking, acting, and in this case for your health.