Saturday, April 30, 2022

Company Success with an Enterprise Pipeline of Ideas

The Enterprise Idea Pipeline provides you with an end-to-end view of the flow of ideas from the moment they are recorded to when they are released.  It is meant for the enterprise to respond to high value ideas the moment they came so the enterprise does not miss the idea’s window of opportunity.  

It provides three primary benefits to an enterprise.  First, it is a channel that provides an end-to-end flow of ideas from the moment they are recorded to when they are released and reflected upon.  Second, it is the enterprise level portfolio backlog of ideas.  Third, it is meant to highlight high value ideas the moment they came in so that the enterprise does not miss the idea’s window of opportunity.  

The culture needed for the Enterprise Idea Pipeline is one where the enterprise immediately considers ideas as they come in because they are based on a current problem or opportunity.  You don’t wait for the next budget cycle to consider the idea. The pipeline is a more adaptable way of managing the portfolio of work across your enterprise since ideas can be admitted anytime and feedback may adapt its priority or reshape the idea.  Also, the pipeline brings enterprise-wide visibility and transparency to the work occurring within an organization.

Before moving further, what is an idea?  An idea is something that is deemed as valuable and has yet to be created.  The moment it is recorded, it may be small or large.  Depending on its level of customer value, it may become work that is worthy of evolving into a product or service or a significant feature of each.    

The pipeline is a working example of the delivery axis focused on delivering customer value as illustrated above. As the delivery axis represents the end-to-end flow of customer value from the recording of the idea to the point where it is released and reflected upon so is the Enterprise Idea Pipeline. 

The Enterprise Idea Pipeline can be known by different names such as a portfolio backlog, enterprise kanban board, and idea pipeline. What makes them all similar is that they hold the big ideas that may eventually (or immediately) be worked on by teams.  The Enterprise Idea Pipeline acts as the parent and feeder to all product backlogs and helps you connect strategy and ideas to user stories (and even tasks) and visa-versa.  

The pipeline is primarily used in medium to large companies, when visibility is needed to make investment decisions across portfolios to better understand where the highest value work lives.  It also helps when there are dependencies across multiple products, or when ideas do not have an obvious resting place in a product backlog.  When an enterprise is small and made up of a singular product, then the product backlog acts as the enterprise idea pipeline as these are the ideas that may be included in the future of that product.  

To learn more about applying an Enterprise Pipeline of Ideas in your company so you can be more customer value driven, feel free to reach out to Mario Moreira at:


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