Sunday, March 18, 2018

Can Agile Games help you build Psychological Safety?

What are the advantages of attending an Agile Games conference? Let's look at Agile Games 2018 (in Boston) as an example.  This particular Agile Games focused on psychological safety.  The primary advantage of bringing the latest psychological safety and agile related concepts and practice back to your company, helps you lead to higher performing teams and greater company success.

First, what is Psychological Safety?

Google's Project Aristotle showed that team performance is indicated by one primary attribute: Psychological Safety. This is the degree to which team members can speak up without fear of retribution. Amy Edmondson has shown that psychological safety and accountability create the most productive teams. 

Second, what are the advantages of Agile Games?  

This 3-day conference (
in the greater Boston area - Burlington, MA on April 9-11) explored ways to use serious interactive games to significantly improve team performance by increasing psychological safety and other key attributes. It focused on using games, collaborative activities and interactive exercises to support the values, principles and practices of lean and agile. What are some of the topics being covered?

Third, who are some of the Speakers and their Topics?   

When approaching Psychological Safety games, how do you balance uncomfortable situations, harmless triggering of the impostor syndrome while getting to the real essence of safety that can lead to high performance?  How do we steer between frivolity and personal risk? Tim Ottinger explored guidelines for safely sharing games that teach. 

In achieving psychological safety, how can you use games to “Stop the fear pandemic” where you encounter endless meetings, employees’ disengagement, blame and a lack of trust?
 Dana Pylayeva introduced agile games designed to increase empathy, build connections and practice risk taking in a "safe to fail" setting. 

Experience interactive games for building Psychological Safety. Craft team norms for a psychologically safe environment. Practice constructive non-judgmental feedback to strengthen your relationships. Mario Moreira 
will work you through this and you will leave with a Psychological Safety Roadmap that can be adapted to your company. 



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