Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of Agility - CM predictions for 2010

As we gaze in the horizon, what do we think will be hot in the CM landscape and improve our working lives? What might be some of the latest trends in the industry? My prediction is the CM weather report will be “Cloudy with a chance of Agility”. My predictions will focus on:

  • Agile in the forefront of CM
  • Extending the CM reach into ALM and beyond
  • CM “in the Clouds”
Prediction #1: Agile in the forefront of CM
I predict that we will continue to see a stronger focus on agility in the way we approach and deploy CM. This is because Agile methods are continuing to increase in adoption. With the need to adapt and change, comes the need for CM that is both lean, yet well integrated to support the Agile processes. We'll see CM tools cater more to Agile. We'll see more publications focusing on CM and Agile.

Prediction #2: Extending the CM reach into ALM and beyond
As we continue into the future, we will see CM extending into the ALM space and then see ALM extended into a more unified approach. Integration across engineering areas helps teams streamline their processes and reduces the effort of implementation and maintenance of manual integrations. We'll see Agile ALM solutions with CM as its core for organizations looking to improve and scale their Agile processes while still maintaining control. And we may see more holistic unified change and release management solutions

Prediction #3: CM “in the Clouds”
As we looking into 2010 and the future, there may be two focus areas relating to the “Cloud”. The first is ensuring that there is configuration management of the Cloud infrastructure and the second is that there will be more of a focus on hosted CM services in the clouds. Companies are looking for software as a service (SAAS) solutions to limit their infrastructure debt, but these environments also require solid configuration management so the customers of the SAAS solutions can feel confident that changes within these environments will be effectively managed. The second is providing a CM service for software development in the clouds. This way development teams do not need to incur the cost and effort of setting up a CM environment and maintaining it, but instead use a CM environment in the clouds with built in version control, build management, and defect tracking tools that already exist.

As we look into 2010, conditions may get cloudy but not in the meteorological sense. Companies are looking for “software as a service” (SAAS) solutions to limit their technology debt, but will want to ensure the infrastructure is well managed. Agility will continue to show up in various forms in both the Configuration Management (CM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) contexts. Also, books such as “Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams” and blogs will help CM and Agile teams understand and adapt to Agile methods. Whether your forecast is sunny or cloudy (or both), consider flexibility, adaptability, and agility in driving your business! Have a productive 2010!!!

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What are your thoughts on where CM is moving to in 2010? 

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